Richmond, VA based doom quintet Windhand are a favorite around the Heavy Blog office as well as a personal favorite band of mine; I seriously can’t get enough of them. We previously reported that their highly anticipated follow-up to 2013’s Soma, one of my favorite doom records of all time, would be entitled Grief’s Infernal Flower and was set to be released on September 18, but that was all the information they revealed…until now, that is. The band has released the cover art and a teaser of the new album, effectively putting the already high excitement level for this album all the way to the moon and back. Check out more details after the jump!


I’ve personally been eagerly awaiting Windhand to reveal the album art for Grief’s Infernal Flower because it was rumored they were enlisting the talents of Arik Roper, one of my favorite artists ever, and it turned out to be even better than I could have hoped for. The artwork adorning the jacket of this album is gorgeous. It’s much more colorful than the monochrome covers of their first two albums, a characteristic that will undoubtedly carry over into the mountainous songs contained within. Judging by the teaser above, it seems that Windhand are building upon the smokey foundation set forth by the first two albums, and working with the legendary Jack Endino on Grief’s Infernal Flower appears to have worked wonders with capturing the sweet sounds of Windhand in their purest form. The guitars are fuzzy, the drums are Bonham-esque, and Dorthia Cottrell’s voice sounds as powerful as ever.

Pre-orders for Grief’s Infernal Flower are live and can be found here. I hope after hearing that teaser, oh dear reader, that you are as excited for this album as I am. Windhand are one of the most special bands on the scene, and they absolutely deserve your full attention.



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