By now, if you know Slipknot, you’ve likely at least heard of Stone Sour. Before the departure of Jim Root (which I still don’t get, but whatever), it was comprised of 2 members of the ‘Knot. Their last album, a double concept album, received high praise from me, and they’re still one of the best side projects of any band. Given the fact that SLipknot just put out a new album and have spent months touring on it, it came as no surprise to me that the new album wouldn’t be out for a while. However, recently, Corey Taylor opened up about the future of the band, and you can check it out below!

According to Blabbermouth, Taylor basically says that his main band are taking a couple years off again after touring for their latest album, and Taylor will have a short break himself before beginning work on the new Stone Sour record. He also said it’d be out in 2016, which is cool, and would mark three years since the second disc of their double album was released. I think that what I’m most interested in about the new album, however, is what they will sound like without Jim.

In my eyes, Jim is one of the best modern metal guitarists out there. His playing live echoes his playing on every record he’s done, and he’s a fantastic performer as well. I hope that the quality of Stone Sour’s music doesn’t suffer because he left, but, at the same time, part of me wants it to. I know that the reason Jim was asked to leave Stone Sour seemed kind of sketchy, and for some reason, I don’t see them releasing an album as good as the ones they’ve already done, but who knows? Maybe they’ll add another guitarist and churn out another great heavy metal record again. Only time will tell!

We’ll keep you updated, but for now, listen to the first disc of their last album below!



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