I love discovering new artists. Writing for this blog has helped me find so many amazing bands that I would never have heard of if not for the amazing staff I’ve worked with over the years. Now, as an editor and the Director of Artist Relations, I get to help premiere new music not only from artists I’ve enjoyed for many years, but also from artists that are very new to me. This week, we’re debuting a full album stream from the band Kingcrow, who are kind of a mesh between old rock and roll and some post-Crack The Skye Mastodon. Check out the stream below!

It’s a very interesting mix of things, from sludge to classic heavy metal, and even some groove at times. It’s a really fun record, and it’s pretty hard not to enjoy it once it starts playing. I really dig how the vocals are very somber but the music itself isn’t. I think it brings a different dimension to the songs and it helps add something that makes it different. I could picture a million other bands putting harsh vocals over this music and calling it some weird subgenre of metal, and I can also imagine more straightforward cleans singing. This style works, bringing a very old school crooning aspect to the music. Upon first listen, I was pretty openminded, and I’m glad I was, because there are some really quality songs on here. The full album is out today, so be sure to pick it up via Sensory Records!



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