Festival season is upon us! For many concert-goers that’s excellent news. For others, though, festival season brings about a certain sense of frustration. Sometimes, for one reason or another —financial woes, prior commitments, or the fact that it’s taking place on a completely different continent—it’s just not in the cards to make it to the festivals we would ideally like to.

Luckily, Hellfest has our backs. Organizers of the event have served up an appeasing alternative for those who were unable to make it out to the event in Clisson, France this past weekend in the form of Pro-Shot footage of some of the weekends best sets. That’s right, high quality footage of entire sets, online, for free! More details after the jump!

Note that the videos auto-play upon embedding, so we’ve only displayed a single band’s live footage below.

All video footage can be found right here at the Arte.tv website and features sets from bands including but not limited to Faith No More, Children of Bodom, and Lamb of God, plus a whole bunch of other amazing acts. While I haven’t had a chance to creep everything, I did creep a fair few, and watched the Faith No More set in its entirety, and would definitely recommend. If you’re still bummed you missed out on this weekend of madness, and are interested in having the concert experience delivered straight to your living room, you’re gonna wanna check these puppies out! Have a peek at the Faith No More set below and then head on over to ARTE Concert to see what else they have to offer!


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