Fort Minor - Welcome

There’s a 100% reason to remember the name, but did you? I mean, it has been nearly ten years since Fort Minor‘s The Rising Tied dropped in in 2005. It did have a lot of people asking, “Where’d you go?”. However, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park is dusting off the well received side project and has even been so kind as to release a new song, fittingly enough called, ‘Welcome’. The song is for sale on iTunes here but someone has also uploaded it to YouTube for all to enjoy, at least until an official stream of the song pops up. Make sure to check out the new track below.


Hopefully we’ll be getting a new full-length soon, because The Rising Tied was a fantastic album that packed a lot of lyrical punch. This song is a little light, but I don’t expect the group’s first song back to be incredibly heavy-handed. After all, this is a new chapter in the Fort Minor saga. It’s a great song with a fun chorus and a wonderful synth section, so I really can’t complain too much. It should compel you to revisit the band’s somewhat-forgotten album, which might have suffered from a false identity upon release. It has some great moments and is definitely more than just a watered-down, pop Linkin Park, as some have said in the past. Hopefully we can get a new album very soon!



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