Greg Puciato is definitely one of the best frontmen music has ever seen. His on stage persona is monstrous, chaotic and unpredictable. He does some of the best vocals metal has ever seen. And he also has an uncanny ability to strike gold whenever he appears as a guest musician, or delves into a new realm of music (some examples include his amazing supergroup Killer Be Killed). Now, however, he’s on his most ambitious trek yet. Partnering with former Nine Inch Nails  & Puscifer member Joshua Eustis and former Dillinger Escape Plan tech Steven Alexander, the new project is called Black Queen, and it’s got enough emotion to evoke many different feelings within the listener. Check it out!


The track surfaced courtesy of Rolling Stone. The track is extremely beautiful. I love the idea of Greg working on something electronic, especially when it comes from a former member of Nine Inch nails, who use electronics so well in their music. I am incredibly excited to hear even more from this group, as it could shape up to be one of the best releases this year, and that wouldn’t be the first time Greg accomplished that with one of his bands, either. The dude is an absolute legend in metal and will definitely go down as one of the best performers and musicians of all time, and I think expanding his range with this new release is definitely something that he’ll benefit from. Who knows? Maybe he’ll take some slight electronic influences to Dillinger and use them well!

More news as it comes in.


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