To quote fellow HB writer Matt MacLennan when talking to me about the new album from deathcore champs iwrestledabearonce, “Hail Mary has just as much chaos going on as their previous work, except it’s much more straightforward. Punishing and jarring, this is the heaviest music they’ve ever released and probably the most addictive too”. He’s right on the money with this statement. The music is beyond heavy on this new LP: it’s the best full-length album of the year so far to break things to. Now, it’s streaming just for you, dear reader, in full, courtesy of the Artery Recordings youtube page.


This album is, in one word, crushing. Viciously combining the spastic dissonance of their earlier days with a newfound foundation of heavy polyrhythmic grooves that are highly reminiscent of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, the band finds a new depth and weight to their sound that makes the whole package hit harder than anything they’ve done before. It is, to paraphrase Matt, “the only thing they could have done to remain relevant”: by finding this new aspect of their sound and pushing it so far to the front, they’ve expertly supplanted themselves as the true kings (and queens) of post-Danza deathcore. Every track is a blast, and each will knock you on your feet with the assault iwabo brings here.

Hail Mary came out yesterday, and is available through every usual outlet by which albums are available.



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