Losing Gaza a few years ago really sucked, but at least ¾ of the band decided to press on as Cult Leader and have been dropping some of the most abrasive tunes the metal world has seen in the past few years. These SLC prog-crusters have been hard at work on their upcoming debut full length with Kurt Ballou, but also wanted to give fans a taste of what’s to come beforehand. The band just dropped their Useless Animal EP today via Deathwish Inc. which showcases the band at their most furious and most sensitive yet. Check out the whole thing below!

The first two songs are exactly what you’d expect to hear on a Cult Leader album; incredibly dizzying guitar riffs paired with frantic drumming and all wrapped in a generally nihilistic sensibility. But then the band decided to finish the EP with a cover of Mark Kozelek’s (Sun Kil Moon) “You Are Not My Blood” that also features members of SubRosa. It’s an amazing and hypnotic track and shows that the band knows how to conjure up terrifying atmospheres as well as they can tear them down. If Useless Animal is any indicator of what’s to come with this LP, you should be very, very excited.


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