Navene Koperweis is one of the better drummers in metal, as his history with both Animosity and Animals As Leaders has shown us for more than 10 years. Recently, however, it’s been his newfound success with Entheos that has really shown us how his playing has evolved. It seems he took the metal aspects from Animosity and mixed it with the jazz and fusion stuff he did with Animals As Leaders, and now he is able to utilize both aspects of his drumming to his full potential. This is very evident in his final playthrough from Entheos’ Primal EP, an album which much of our staff enjoy. Check it out below!


This is my favorite song off of the album, and is really difficult to play. As a drummer, I know how hard it is to constantly shift parts on a dime, and Navene does it flawlessly throughout the whole song, proving why he’s one of music’s best drummers, and why new drummers in the metal scene should look up to him. Entheos is currently working on their debut full length album, coming off of the heels of a successful EP and doing a US tour with Veil Of Maya. We’ll have more info on that as it comes in, but in the meantime, pick up Entheos’ EP from Bandcamp if you haven’t already.



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