Hundredth is a band who, along with Canada’s Counterparts, are at the forefront of a melodic hardcore movement that’s been sweeping its way across Tumblr accounts and sweaty teen infested venues the world over. The folks over at Alternative Press are offering an exclusive stream of their new album Free, slated for release June 16th via Hopeless Records. Check out the stream after the jump:

Exclusive stream available here at

Admittedly, it’s late in the day and I haven’t heard the whole stream, but I was jamming second track ‘Unravel’ for a few days when the video dropped about a month ago. Despite the aforementioned associations, Counterparts is one of my favorite bands, and Hundredth always seems to be mentioned in the same breath. I’ve seen them live twice, and they put on an impassioned performance, but I’ve never been much for their recorded material. With the reverb tinged vocal production and slightly more melodic rasp to singer Chadwick Johnson’s delivery, I think all that is about to change. Stoked to stream the rest of the album! iTunes preorders may be obtained here ( for only $10.



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