Around these parts, a mention of deathcore heavyweights Lorna Shore carries with it a mixed bag of emotion: their last two EPs, Bone Kingdom and Maleficium, are releases that we have enjoyed immensely in the past, but, well, one only needs to look at Jimmy’s review of their first full-length, Psalms, to show that we don’t consider them infallible.

However, that’s just our opinion here. Psalms is certainly brutal and fast to equally extreme degrees, and it must be said that the group carries with them a masterful command of the grim atmosphere they imbue their music with. Their aesthetic is heavily evil and supernatural, and it’s a good time to just get angry to any of their tunes. And today, two days after the release of Psalms, they’ve seen fit to expand upon the album’s demonic aesthetic with a video for the track “From The Pale Mist”. Check it out after the jump.


The music video begins with the band in what seems to be a sticky situation: hands tied behind their backs, unable to move, facing a wall. As the song continues, shots of them playing are interspersed with footage of the band being murdered in various nefarious ways. The whole thing has a very Romero-esque aesthetic, with grainy shots of evil deeds interspersed with frenetic footage of Lorna Shore banging and weedling away on their instruments, as well as the vocalist doing his thing.

The song displays what the band has going for them pretty well. Technical riffing interspersed with chunky mosh segments and crushing breakdowns. The blackened and even slightly-orchestral comes into play greatly on the latter half. I’d say this is definitely a track that shows quite nicely what this group has going for them. This is a good video/track to show your friends who want to get into some fresh, modern deathcore.


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