Quick, what does compost have in common with UK sludgewave progenitors Black Tongue? Answer: you can expect both of them to break down! But seriously, folks, Black Tongue have just announced the title of their new album, The Unconquerable Dark, along with the track listing, art, release date, and, most importantly, a new single from it.

The name of the new song is about as upbeat as you’d expect from this band: the title of the track is “L’appel Du Vide”, which is French for “The Call Of The Void”. It definitely sounds like the void is calling on this track, so I hope you accept collect. Check it out after the jump.


One thing that I’ve always respected about Black Tongue is their ability to diversify and expand on a sound that’s basically built on ridiculously slow breakdowns. The midtempo hardcore-influenced groove sections on Falsifier, the band’s debut EP, and the atmospheric droned-out leads on Born Hanged both show musicians that know how to toy with the style of music they play while sticking to the part of their sound that gives them their personality. They’ve seemed to continue with that trend here, injecting a couple almost-blackened sounding bits into their typical moshfest to build on the atmospheric leads they established on Born Hanged.

The Unconquerable Dark comes out on September 4th via Century Records. The full track listing is as follows:

  1. Plague Worship
  2. In the Wake ov the Wolf
  3. Young Gloom
  4. L’appel du Vide
  5. Vermintide (ft. Eddie Hermida)
  6. Prince of Ash
  7. The Masquerade
  8. A Pale Procession ii: Death March
  9. I’m so Tired of Sighing. Please Lord, Let It Be Night

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