Gojira are a band that many of us adore. They’ve put out some of the most important metal records ever in the last 10 years, and it really goes to show that bands can evolve and stay extremely consistent over time. We knew that they were going to release a new album relatively soon, but some slight setbacks have left the band with no option but to shoot for an early 2016 release as opposed to a late 2015 one. More details after the jump.

In this interview with Blabbermouth, the band discusses some things about the studio and the new album, and I’ll sum them up for you here. The new studio was built around this new album, so the production of this album likely will be perfect. As of right now, drums are completely done and the guitars are almost finished, so bass and vocals are the only remaining things. They say the album will be a more straightforward record with less complex patterns from Mario, which might bum out some considering his drum patterns make up many of the band’s heaviest and best songs. At any rate, you bet your bottom dollar we’ll have tons more news, as well as an album review, coming as the months go on.




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  1. A in a Dupuis

    I am hoping a more complex guitar riffing and a hint of progressive metal :) ;)


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