Even though longtime friend of the site Drewsif Stalin has been an omnipresent force in the online metal community and was a fairly prominent figure for the rise in the djent / “bedroom project” explosion, his musical career hasn’t exactly been very prolific. Aside from some high profile YouTube covers and odds and ends in the form of EPs and singles, Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors (henceforth referred to as DSME) hasn’t released a full-length album in YEARS. In fact, the last “substantial” release from Drewsif came in the form of a not-quite-serious Absurdity in 2012.

Perhaps that’s why the upcoming long-awaited DSME album features an otherwise frightening title such as Comes To An End. Surely Drewsif isn’t throwing in the towel just yet, and the dude must be plenty self-aware enough to crack a joke at how long it takes him to write, record, and ultimately curate an entire record — even if the record we’re finally getting is a serious Musical Endeavor.

After a few singles coming to light via Drewsif’s YouTube page over the past few months, details of Comes to an End have been revealed. The tracklist has been finalized and is as follows:

1. Nightfall
2. Collapse
3. Seldom
4. Sisyphus
5. Contempt
6. Languish
7. Ultimatum
8. Desolate
9. Relapse (ft. Tim Bubb, Jack Grimes)
10. Epitaph
11. Rapture
12. Devout
13. Mirage (Ft. Nikki Simmons)

Comes to an End will also be the first DSME record to have merch and physical copies available for purchase. More info on those when the time comes. In the meantime, mark July 21st on your calendars.




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