In case you missed it yesterday, the fine folks at NPR posted the complete stream to High on Fire’s amazing new album, Luminiferous! The band has been slowly leaking out tracks like “The Black Plot” and “The Sunless Years” over the past few weeks to help build some hype, and now the wait has finally paid off. If you’re ready to get bludgeoned by an unhealthy dose of punishing tones paired with memorable songwriting, click below and check it out!

The fellows over at NPR have the full stream. There’s a bit of everything in this album for a wide variety of metal fans. Whether you’re looking to vibe out and ponder the album’s alien-centric lyrics or pound a few beers and mosh the night away, there’s songs for all such occasions.

If you haven’t already sworn your undying allegiance to this staple of the genre, now’s the perfect opportunity. We’ll have our full review of the album up later today too, so stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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