I’m very excited that we’re finally getting a new Lamb Of God  record for two reasons. Firstly, because it means Randy Blythe is out of the woods in regards to his lawsuit from the Czech Republic regarding the death of a fan at one of their shows. And second, because it’s been way too long since we’ve heard any new music from one of the most consistent and heavy bands in metal. The band have already released one single from the record, but they were feeling generous and have decided to unleash another cut from the new record Sturm Und Drang in “512”. Check it out after the jump!


I dig whenever a band goes down a slightly different route. While this is still Lamb Of God, it does some really cool stuff with the ambient guitar in the background throughout the whole song. It’s definitely an interesting take on the band’s signature, groove-heavy sound that many fans have come accustomed to enjoying since the early days of the millennium. If this song, and the previous single, are any indication, the album is going to melt faces, and be a triumphant return for the band that will see them selling out shows the world over once again. Preorder the album here, and keep checking back for an eventually review of the entire album!



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