I am a huge progressive music fan. I really like exploring the more technical side of metal, but also enjoy the idea of using technicality to create really awesome, harmonious musical parts that all coexist with one another. That being said, I’ve really been digging the new record from instrumental funk/prog trio Morglbl. While the name might confuse some, I think it attributes itself to the music, and how hard it is to classify this group. They have equal parts funk, metal, and prog, and their style is executed extremely well. Now we’re lucky enough to have an exclusive premiere for you in the form of “Banjovi”. Check it out after the jump!

The song is absolutely awesome, and it’s even more so when you remember that this band is a three piece. It really takes you on a journey from beginning to end, and it’s one that will definitely be remembered as an album highlight. You can pick up the band’s new record on June 25th, and keep your ear to the ground for more news about these guys!



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