It’s not every day I get to talk about a band that released an album with a title as great as Fuck The Universe. Craft, the Swedish superstars of underground black metal, released that incredibly-well-titled album back in 2005, and now, a decade after the release of it, we’ve gotten the announcement that they’re signing to Season Of Mist to release their 5th LP.

The incredibly violent and raw group sees fit to join the incredible roster the label already boasts, and whether they’re just on there for one album or making it their new home, this means that they could finally get the recognition they deserve from the ‘mainstream’ audience they have the potential to now reach. The band’s sound is beyond aggressive: it’s the thrashy, bleak, second-wave sound taken to a whole new level of anger.

Their last album, Void, came out in 2011, and it’ll be interesting to hear how the new label and passage of time have affected their sound. Considering the way that their black metal contemporaries Gorgoroth have changed up their style, it wouldn’t be too surprising: this band is only some atmospheric passages away from a less sludgy Downfall of Gaia in their style.

Speaking about their signing, Craft had these words:

“We are very pleased to have signed a deal with Season of Mist to release our next studio album, … this label has many resources available for us, which enables us to make a really special fifth full-length. We are determined to create something severely misanthropic and cold with our upcoming release and our future live shows. We are confident that signing to Season of Mist and having access to all their professional crew and their experience will be very helpful in achieving this.”

Severely misanthropic and cold! Well, I’m excited.

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