Some of you might find it difficult to believe that we STILL listen to deathcore at Heavy Blog, but we do. For all of the genre’s faults, it is still a great medium to vent anger or frustration to. We recently reviewed the latest album from Lorna Shore, one of the new breed of deathcore acts to surface in the last few years. The album, Psalms, is now streaming in full for you to decide for yourself whether or not this lot are up to the task of carrying the genre forward. Head on over the jump to get your very first taste.


Streaming over at Revolver, Psalms was pretty much perfectly summarized by our beloved mastermind, Senor Rowe. It’s hit or miss nature makes it a challenge to stay focused on. To chuck in my two cents, this band definitely have the capacity to write some grim, forward thinking music. They just haven’t quite managed it here. To mirror our previous view, Lorna Shore are not at the same level as top tier deathcore bands like Thy Art Is Murder. Sure, they succeed in incorporating symphonic elements into their sound but every sloth pace breakdown kills any flow or extended interest. Especially for this deathcore fanatic.


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