There’s a show coming up very soon that has Heavy Blog favourites KEN Mode playing alongside fellow blog darlings Pyrrhon. Some might not be aware this package also contains the noisy batterings of Philadelphia rockers Fight Amp. This trio make up for their lack of member with their gloriously affectionate take on noise rock. Their new album Constantly Off is streaming at Stereogum (with a write up by the mighty Doug Moore of Pyrrhon) but you should get over the jump if you want a quick statement on why I think you are a fool if you don’t check this band out.

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There’s a sense of joy to be gained from listening to loud, swinging from the ceiling rock music that is equally at home dredging through the darkest parts of the night. As raucous as KEN Mode but with the DIY edge of early, early noise rock (the kind older than most of the staff here), Fight Amp love to craft catchy tunes. Constantly Off is music to wind down to, work out to or even make the nasty to. For younger fans this is a golden opportunity to catch the most recent wave of superior noise merchants at their best. We may not have been around to catch the progenitors of this sweetly sarcastic subgenre but who cares? Fight Amp are right up there with the best of the biz right now and that’s what matters.

Constantly Off is out on June 9th on Brutal Panda Records. Preorder it from the band right here.




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