Columbus, Ohio-based sludgecore bludgeoners Maranatha are, in my opinion, one of the most underrated bands on the scene. They’ve released two absolutely devastating EPs, and in July they’ll be releasing their debut full-length album, appropriately titled Filth. If you’re a fan of the violent, vitriolic sounds of bands like Nails, then you’re definitely going to want to give their new song “Heroes” a listen. Be forewarned, this song is absolutely filthy (pun intended) and will most definitely cause whiplash.


“Heroes” was premiered exclusively over at HM Magazine, which brings me to my next point about Maranatha, which is their use of religion and spirituality. Frontman/guitarist/drummer Collin Simula is actually a writer for HM and makes no attempts to hide his personal beliefs and Christianity, but what I respect most about him is that he doesn’t sugarcoat things. He’s a very real person and he describes the world as he sees it, warts and all. It needs to be mentioned though that Maranatha is not a “Christian” band, as Simula tells us that with the addition of Jack Huston on bass, who is an atheist, they’ve incorporated multiple viewpoints into their lyrics.

Huston himself has this to say about he recording of Filth and the song “Heroes”:

Filth is an intensely personal record for both of us. We’ve been digging deep into our own hearts and minds, trying to purge darkness from ourselves. This song, ‘Heroes,’ is a great example of that. I’ve had a long string of people in my life, people I’ve looked up to and confided in, and, all in a row, they turned out to be huge disappointments, wrought with lies or darkness of their own. This song is exploring that intense feeling of betrayal.”

Filth is bound to be a banger and could likely be counted among the best albums of the year. If you’re one of those people who would pass on this band simply because they hold Christian beliefs, then it’s truly your loss.

Filth comes out on July via New American Records. Pre-orders are available here. In the meantime, listen to their most recent EP Spiritless below.

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Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that Maranatha is a Christian band.


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