It’s been a while since we’ve posted about Dodecahedron on the site, but we promise it’s not our fault. The band released their massive self-titled debut back in 2012, and since then have been relatively scarce. They’ve done touring here and there, but their debut is their only release, which makes it hard to really delve into the band’s history. However, some of the greatest bands in history have had long stretches between their debut and their followup record (Tool, Meshuggah, Karnivool, to name a few), and went on to release massively successful albums. It seems Dodecahedron took note, because that’s exactly what they’re planning on doing now!

The band are ready to record their new album, and will enter the studio this August to record new material with a concept in mind, according to Nefarious Realm: the album is apparently based around “platonic solids”, which sounds like some sort of math stuff that would be way over my head. One of these solids happens to be the dodecahedron, though, so it makes sense. I’m hoping that this album will be a massive continuous piece, because that would work really well with the theme. I also love epic black metal albums, and if they recorded a piece that was around 70-80 minutes long, I’d be okay with it. Apparently the album won’t be out til late 2016 (bummer), but we’ll always have their debut to hold us over, and the band will surely release at least one single from the new record. Check their debut, and only release, below for a reminder as to why you should have this on your “Most Anticipated 2k16” list.




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