New Hampshire post-black metallers Vattnet Viskar have left little to the imagination when it comes to their upcoming release, Settler. Though the LP’s release is still nearly three weeks away (closer to a month, if you live in Europe!), the band have now released over half of the album’s tracks to keep fans sated. The fifth, “Glory,” made its debut yesterday morning and is accompanied by yet another kaleidoscopic visual journey crafted by multimedia artist and director, Josh Graham.


Admittedly, the first four releases from Settler were something I’d slept on – at least until now. After a whim decision to click play on “Glory”, which made several appearances on my Facebook feed yesterday, I can definitely say I’m kickin’ myself for not paying attention sooner. While Glory is built on a foundation of sludge, it is not without its beauty. There are moments when weeping guitars soar high above the mix, giving the song an air of hopefulness. Combining atmospheric black metal with sludgier elements, Glory manages to be grimy and awe-inspiring all at once. After a handful of listens to this and the other album tracks, I could not be more stoked for Settler’s June 16 release.

Head on over to Indie Merch to preorder your copy now!


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