As we reported on earlier this week and alluded to in our interview from yesterdayThy Art Is Murder released a new track from their upcoming album Holy War for radio play, and audio rips quickly surfaced and were just as quickly taken down. Fear not though! Between new Ghost and new Thy Art Is Murder, maybe the Day Of Satan And Man really is upon us. That’s right, today is the evil day prophesied this past Wednesday: the day the dark heart of the Earth (dig that reference?) spews forth a new track from the Aussie heavyweight death metal/deathcore band. Dropping from the realm of pure evil and heavy Satanic imagery, the new song, “Light Bearer”, has landed in our world to destroy everything. Check it out after the jump.


Holy hell (ha ha ha), this track rips. The hellish, evil intro gives way to punchy riffing and excellent breakdowns in the typical Thy Art way, and if this is any indication of how their new album, Holy War, is going to sound, it’s going to be more of the same grim, huge chords and powerful chugs laced with breakneck techy deathcore riffs.

Allusions to Lucifer and the inevitable return of Satan are still with us, because what would Thy Art be without their underlying theme of being a vessel for the Antichrist? Personally, I love that they have a consistent affiliation with these messages, because it really does add quite a lot to the cohesion of their sound. You don’t see many deathcore bands really finding a singular theme and sticking to it the way Thy Art Is Murder does.

If this album is as mosh-inducing as Hate was, there will certainly be pain in the bones of this man’s mortal shell. Holy War comes out on June 26 in Europe and Australia, June 28 in the UK, and June 30 in North America. You’ve been warned.



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