After what seems like a massive wait, we can now stop moaning about whether or not Thy Art Is Murder have sold out or stopped playing breakdown heavy death metal. After premiering on an Australian radio station, audio of “Light Bearer”, the second track from upcoming release Holy War, surfaced online earlier. This is the first material to leak as such, which is some feat considering the album was recorded last year. Head on over the jump to hear what yours truly has to say about the track.

As of the time of publishing this, all of the links to the leaked track are down, but if you managed to catch “Light Bearer,” you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about here. It is everything right with Hate with even more thick chugs and breakdowns. Brutal, bold stuff but what did you expect? I love this band and recently caught them live here in Glasgow where I interviewed Andy Marsh. During our chat, he got me super excited about Holy War with his exuberance in talking about the creation of the album. It has been a long time coming but I see no reason why fans of the band should fear anything but thick, evil metal from these Aussies. Keep your eyes here for the interview this week. Also, if you aren’t paying attention at the end of this week your eyes might not catch the brunt of the light on display…



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