California’s purveyors of hardcore death sludge Xibalba have released a video for ‘Guerrilla’, the second track from Tierra Y Libertad, which was released this past January via Southern Lord Records. The video comes exclusively from the folks over at Lambgoat, and was directed, shot, and edited by Shawn Skadburg and Matt Welch for Nine One Films. Check it out after the jump!


The video opens with testimonials from fans, speaking of the inclusivity and purpose of the hardcore scene; more specifically the “guerrilla” Xibalba speaks of in the song’s lyrics. This is followed up by singer Nate Rebolledo announcing “We are the guerrilla!!” before launching into the neck breaking double bass groove that kicks off the song.

In true underground fashion, the video is set at an apparent party where the band is playing in a garage to a yard full of rabid fans. At first, the whole scene comes off as a bit tacky for a band as seemingly serious about their craft as Xibalba. But as the video plods along, it becomes apparent that this simple aesthetic is completely necessary to get their message across. As usual, Xibalba are hardcore to their, well, core and the values connected with this scene like commitment to the fans show brightly in this video.



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