We’ve been a bit silent perhaps about Caligula’s Horse but that’s only because there hasn’t been much to report. Needless to say, we are all eagerly awaiting whatever comes next for this great band, since their 2013 release was one of the best albums of that year. I, for one, am totally in love with it. After we showed you some photos of the band supporting Opeth, there has now surfaced a live video from that performance. Not only that, but it’s for “Into the White”, undoubtedly one of the best songs on the album. Head on over the jump to check it out!


I’ll just open by saying: Jim Grey. Jim. Grey. That man is one of the most talented vocalists I’ve ever heard. This video is completely live, no studio tricks involved, and he completely nails this performance. The scream at 2:25 is just impossibly good. Other strong points are the rhythm section, with the bass and drums coming through loud and clear. The guitar working is obviously good but the groove on this performance is amazing.

Let me be blunt: I need another album. Now. Yesterday. In a minute. Give it to me. OK? See you when that happens.



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