I need to start this off by saying something personal. I feel so, so blessed that I am one of those whom work for Heavy Blog and have the ability to bring so much information, especially new music, to the readers of our site. And today, courtesy of three-man progressive death metal/deathcore band Slice The Cake, I have the pleasure of bringing you yet another new piece of music. This one is a doozy, too. Check it out.


Wow. Honestly, it’s hard to find the right words for how much I dig this band, but I gotta try: Slice The Cake has always dumbfounded me with their brilliant combination of progressive metal, chuggy deathcore, and dark atmospheres. Every time I listen to a song of theirs, I find something new to appreciate; the depths of their sound is seemingly limitless. The atmosphere their arpeggiated chords bring add a tasteful and necessary flair to their already technically-proficient playing, and the songs seem to be built around so many interchanging layers that trying to follow a singular idea the piece is based around is like trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack.

The new album, Odyssey to the West, is due out at some point this year. It’s a progressive deathcore-style rock opera, utilizing Shiv (Ovid’s Withering) as a guest vocalist for various parts, and it tells the story of a nameless protagonist that goes on, well, an odyssey to the west. We suspect it may be a follow-up to the title track from their 2012 album The Man With No Face as we hear some similar riffings during the new track that recall the last album’s closer. Expect good things.

You can nab “The City of Destruction” on Slice the Cake’s Bandcamp page for the neato option of Pay What You Want—meaning you can get it for as little as zero dollars or go as high as your imagination will take you.



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