On May 6, 2015, Periphery, All That Remains [not pictured], and In Flames rolled through Long Island on their current US tour. By now, you’re probably used to Periphery headlining/being direct support/third to last on the bill, so having them open a tour is a bit odd, almost like a flashback to 2008 or so when they first started touring and hadn’t become the djent juggernauts they are today. But no matter where on the bill they’re placed, their performance is nothing short of amazing.

Next up was All That Remains, probably the largest metal act out of Springfield, MA. They’ve got some fanbase, because after their set, there was nothing but sweat and spilled beer, and everyone just went outside to get some air.

Finally, In Flames, the quintessential melodic death metal band from Sweden took the stage. In Flames are probably one of the happiest live bands on Earth, smiling at every possible moment the camera was pointed at them. Excellent performers to boot and crowd interactions next to none, In Flames are, to this day, a force to be reckoned with. Grab the photos of Periphery and In Flames below!


In Flames

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