Nightwish have a brand new lyric video a cut well above your typical lyric video as it actually features the band performing! Being one of the more standout tracks from Endless Forms Most Beautiful [review, tour photos], the video for the title track shows the band performing in a room full of gears and cogs while singing about evolution.


Far be it from me to judge, but what’s the deal here? The song, and the album itself, feature a very evolution-heavy theme (even going so far as to include narration by famed evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins), so what’s going on with the steampunk business? What do gears and spinning things have to do with animals or evolution or anything? The only thing remotely animalistic is Floor Jansen‘s eye makeup, which echoes the swift gazelle. Or something more lupine. It’s difficult to tell, since it’s simply the eye makeup going on here. In fact, she has different makeup in different scenes. What’s happening?

She is the only person in the band to feature even something resembling a theme, however. Everyone else is just pretty well-dressed and I guess that’s nice.

Actually, I don’t really understand the point of this video. Is it supposed to be a lyric video or a green-screened studio performance? It’s both, obviously, but in trying to be both, it really fails at doing either one well. Though, you could argue that they did succeed in creating a lyric video because this is a video and the lyrics do appear on-screen.

Anyway, peep that sick guitar groove at 3:36 (if you haven’t already), because it’s totally the best thing about the song. And if you’re Louisville, KY, Charlotte, NC, or Silver Springs, VA, catch one of the last three dates of the tour with Sabaton and Delain!



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