TesseracT! How many changes have we endured in this singular band’s lineup? From the nearly forgotten shift to Daniel Tompkins with One, through his departure and Ashe O’Hara’s triumphant performance on Altered State and then back to Tompkins. Regardless of your own opinion (and ours), the band definitely have something to prove, once again.

The first step in doing so was taking to the stage, worldwide. The second step was announcing a live album from said tour, Odyssey/Scala. As we near the release of that album, the band have released a live video for one of the most memorable tracks from One, “Nocturne”. Head on over the jump to listen for yourself!


This is pretty easy on the eye. The crowd is energetic and very much into the track, the filming itself is well done and edited and the band seem to be enjoying themselves. As far as sound goes, live albums are tricky to pin down, especially with videos like these. Tompkins certainly sounds on point and the rest of the band are cohesive to the degree we would expect but is this the sound we’ll finally get on the album? If it is, then great things are on their own way but one should exercise a measure of dogged skepticism.

Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more tidbits as we near release.


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