Rose Kemp - Golden Shroud

There is no reason for time to be a constraint on music. While we do try to keep things current, there are some great artists that we might have discovered recently or only just thought to tell you about. The latter is true for Rose Kemp. Kemp hails from the UK where she has a varied career. Her influences range from opera to rock and finally: doom. Head on over the jump for your first taste.


While her style might take some getting used to, what with over the top antics and off-key composition, behind it lies great power. Golden Shroud is her best work, scaling heights of vocalism only to descend into the sludgy realm of doom.

The instruments mainly serve to back Kemp but also bear a moment’s notice. Fuzzy guitars are arranged in a fascinating way, leaving plenty of room for the excellent drums to lend much needed flesh.

Give Kemp her time. Let it grow on you. I promise that if you do, she won’t ever be far from your rotation.


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