Many of you won’t have heard of Abaddon Incarnate, an Irish grindcore band who have been active for twenty years. This is maybe because Ireland doesn’t necessarily have the most thriving of underground scenes, not that we are aware of anyway. Director John Mulvaney is looking to remedy this with his new documentary series, Fractured. This series will be looking at the real underground music scene in Ireland; the people who make music for the sheer joy of the creation of music itself. In the first episode, we get a bit of insight why this group of forty somethings continue to play music that isn’t gonna get them in the charts. 


Quality documentaries like this are few and far between. Everyone has seen in studio reports and tour videos but this is a short, sweet look at a group of dudes who love playing metal. It must strike a chord for anyone who has a dedicated practice space with their friends; a safe space containing beers, riffs and laughs. It definitely makes me hark back to the high school days of getting shit faced and playing music with friends. These guys love making music and will continue to do so in whatever fashion they can and that is admirable as hell. Ignoring trends is something many want to be seen doing but Abaddon Incarnate don’t care. They’ll be happy grinding ’til they die.

Abbadon Incarnate released Pessimist through Candlelight Records last year and you should check it out. Also keep an eye on the official Fractured website for more docus on their way. Considering how close Ireland is to Scotland, I am kicking myself a bit for not being more aware of this band, don’t make the same mistake as me!


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