Metal’s fascination with the occult and with religious imagery is nothing new. However, nowhere more than in the genres of doom and post-metal are those images invoked over and over again. Secrets of the Sky are the latest band to reach deep into the collective unconsciousness for the images to suit their music. With their second album, Pathway, fast approaching you need to make sure these guys are on your radar. Head on over the jump to remind yourself why.


I must say that even though the thematic field of the video has been done time and again, the degree of professionalism in here is impressive. The cinematography is great and the inversion of the imagery near the end is fascinating. But even more importantly, did you hear how damn good this track is? Having heard the entire album (review coming next week!) I can tell you that everything is just as good: deep, rolling riffs and an overall ambiance that’s hard to shake.

Expect Pathway May 19th. We’ll be back to tell you more about it next week.



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