If you’ve been keeping up with us lately, you should know two things about Rosetta: they have a new album coming out this year, and we are huge fans. We even did a special visual update about the recording, concept, and sound of their new album. Click the link if that is something you’d enjoy. Today, however, we have big news: the band have released a new song from the album! Check it out below!

-via Noisey

The song is exactly like the band promised: heavy, but bright. Normally, post-metal is a genre best enjoyed at night, in the early hours of the morning, or on a dark and gloomy day, usually with rain. However, I don’t get that vibe from this song. It feels more ecstatic, positive. It sounds like something you could listen to with the windows open and a nice summer breeze blowing in. It may just be the most “summer” post-metal record ever released, which is fitting considering it will be released this summer.

The band has worked hard on this and will once again be releasing the album by themselves, with help from various distributors for physical media. It’s definitely got a more positive tone than their last record did, and I’m excited to see the final result. You can bet we’ll be doing a thorough review of the new record when it releases, so keep up with all the news in the next few weeks!



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