It’s pretty crazy to think that Baltimore’s Misery Index have been a band for almost 15 years, because they still sound just as savage and as hungry to deliver the most punishing deathgrind around. It’s been just under a year since the band released their savage fifth LP, The Killing Gods, and the band want to keep the hype train rolling with a brand new music video for the album’s fifth track, “The Harrowing.” Check it out below!


“The Harrowing” finds itself smack-dab in the middle between extreme metal powerhouses Dying Fetus and Psycroptic, delivering a high-tempo punch with an incessantly hooky yet technical riffs. Adam Jarvis’ drumming is positively immense, Darin Morris’ guitar solo has plenty of melody, and the lyrics are just as topical, political, and angry as ever. Those looking to really jump-start their morning should definitely check out this strobe-fest of a music video right now!


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