skinless video

Welcome aboard the new Skinless album hype train. Passengers who have just joined us should take note of the on board reading materials. Next stop is the grotesque yet comical video for ‘Skinless’. The second track to be released from Only The Ruthless Remain arrives with the most appropriate visuals for a song about flaying skin from a band who’s name is the lack of having skin. Get your gory peepers over the jump to check it out (no surprises here but it is definitely not safe for work).


After premiering the recent (and rancid) Septicflesh video, Bloody Disgusting again snagged this one. The video for ‘Skinless’ is as smart and tidy as horror shorts get. Framed by self deprecating soundbites and delivered with a tongue in cheek nature that only bands with songs like ‘Tampon Lollipops’ can muster, this is good fun. The new Skinless mascot seems to be a maniacal doctor with a penchant for live death metal performances and backroom surgery. While not as gory as some metal music videos out there, this is still nice and nasty; don’t show your spouse or parents this as an example of what you have been doing on the Internet.

Only The Ruthless Remain is out on June 2nd and you can still get your pre-order in here.




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