Detroit metallic hardcore luminaries The Armed are back with the announcement of their latest LP, Untitled. Note that’s actually the album title, not that the album has no title. It’s titled Untitled.
Anyway, the band have also released a video and track from the album, entitled ‘Forever Scum’. It’s exactly what you’d expect from the band, a roiling maelstrom of unadulterated fury set to a video of a turntable being doused in kerosene and set alight. In 4K resolution. Because The Armed are nothing if not hip with the kids and all their pixels. Check it out!


When asked about the song’s meaning, the band had this to say;

There’s a lack of real, immediate honesty in a lot of music and art. Too much consideration of one’s peers and too little commitment to any statement or direction in fear of being considered uncool, either now or in the future. The result is a big gray blob of same-y rehashed bullshit protected by 15 layers of irony and reference to shield its creator from backlash. This song is about not caring about any of that.

Untitled was recorded and engineered by Kurt Ballou of Converge at his studio Godcity. The tracklist is below. Pick up the album June 23rd via No Rest No Ruin.

01 Future Drugs
02 Forever Scum
03 Nervewreker
04 Rhythm 0
05 Enemies Closer
06 Blessings
07 Dead Actress
08 Polarizer
09 Ender
10 No Risk
11 Issachar
12 Paradise Day
13 Rage of Youth
14 Dead Artist



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