I’ve been hyping all of you on Nordic Giants for a while now. Ever since the band signed to my favorite label, Kscope, it was pretty clear that an album was fast approaching. Now, a week before the release of A Seance of Dark Delusions, the enigmatic duo are streaming the album in full. It definitely marks a shift from their earlier material but it’s not the worse for wear. Head on over the jump for the full stream!

So, this album is much more ambiance based. A lot of the tracks remind us of the post-rock touches that Nordic Giants have always had, with their static building up to a crescendo. Often, that crescendo is a whole other track, giving this album the dark vibes its name belies. High points include the ethereal ‘Illuminate’ and the dreamy ‘A Thousand Lost Dreams’, closing this album off on the same introspective theme that accompanies it throughout.

Needless to say, these two musical geniuses have once again proven why they’re counted among the most promising electronic acts the UK has to offer. Hopefully Kscope continues to take good care of them and helps foster their budding careers into something truly momentous. Sit back, hit play and space out.



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