It seems as if, for the past ten years or so, metal and its sister genres have been on an endless spiral of complexity. I’m not saying that that’s a bad thing but it certainly has its disadvantages. Sometimes, you just need something to kick you in the face or appeal to that place at the bottom of your stomach that wants to rage. Enter While She Sleeps. Soaring on an extremely successful debut record in 2012, the band are intent on making sure everyone knows that wasn’t a fluke.

And so, they present to us Brainwashed. Harnessing the supreme energies to be found at the bottom of chunky riffs, buoyed by the strength of hardcore vocalists and steeped in the belief that emotional response is at the base of all music, these guys deliver true and straight, right to the heart. Head on over the jump for a track and a link to get the album. It’s out today!


‘Our Legacy’ tells you all you need to know. This album goes hard and furious and it doesn’t relent at any point. Taking note from their brethren at The Ghost Inside, While She Sleeps have their core sound all figured out. The drums are meaty and powerful, the riffing is fast and yet strays away from needless technicality and the overall package just kicks and pounds away.

Head on over here to get the album. It’s released today so let’s make sure the guys have a good release day.


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