Sweeping in to cause up quite a squall, the California-based WRVTH (“Wrath”, formerly Wrath of Vesuvius) are premiering a new track today from their new album, the upcoming self-titled WRVTH. The band has had some issues in the past regarding the release of their previous album, Revelations, since it came out, and it’s good to finally hear a full new song from these upcoming technical deathcore aficionados.

This track seems to showcase a shift, or rather, a progression (dare I say… a maturation?) in the style of music the band is playing. Starting with a slow, menacing progression, and moving into some fast, high-octane riffing, the sound is almost reminiscent of Fallujah’s album The Harvest Wombs in its switchups and head-turning leads. Throughout the song, WRVTH layers their song and throws down some nasty grooves in addition to the fast-paced technical material that comprises the track’s core.

Listen to ‘Harrowing Winds’ below, courtesy of our friends at No Clean Singing:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LKLMffBN18]

WRVTH will be out via Unique Leader Records on June 16th.


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