high on fire luminiferous

High On Fire, the sludgey stoner metal band that was one of the two musical forces to come out of the breakup of Sleep, the scientifically-proven best band ever, is one of those acts where any word of a new album, no matter how small, has me hootin’ and hollerin’.

Yesterday, much to my sudden excitement (and the bewilderment of those around me who didn’t know why I was hootin’ and hollerin’), High On Fire announced the title, release date, and artwork, along with other information, about their new album coming out on June 23rd, Luminiferous.

The details are actually fantastic, and enough to make this one of my most-anticipated albums of the year at this point. The producer for the album is Mr. Kurt Ballou, who, we can rest assured, will do a fantastic job. His dirty, grungy, noisey style of production matches perfectly with High On Fire’s aggressive, pummeling sound. The cover art is simultaneously grim and absolutely gorgeous. And, it seems, this album will revolve around a concept involving conspiracies and the doom that will come to us unless we wake up and see our world for what it truly is. Color me excited to get my ears destroyed by this album.

The tracklist is as follows:

1.) The Black Plot
2.) Carcosa
3.) The Sunless Years
4.) Slave the Hive
5.) The Falconist
6.) Dark Side of the Compass
7.) The Cave
8.) Luminiferous
9.) The Lethal Chamber

To reiterate: Luminiferous is out on June 23rd, through record label eOne Music.



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