Symphony X

The long-awaited and heavily chronicled news from Symphony X is finally here. The masters of power-prog, around since the late 90’s, are delivering a new album later this year, and the time has come for several announcements relating to the album to be made.

The first of these announcements is that the mixing and mastering is done! Symphony X have made significant progress thus far on the album, and although there is no official release date, they have confirmed that the album should be out the door before the end of the year.

Secondly, the band have announced they are sticking with what has worked in the past in terms of both production and artwork: Jens Bogren, known colloquially around the blog right now as “Jens Progren” because he’s producing the new Leprous and the new Between The Buried And Me, is going to be producing this as well. Prog indeed. The artwork is being handled by Warren Flanagan, who did the artwork for the past two Symphony X albums, Iconoclast and Paradise Lost.

The third announcement is that their fan club is getting a long-awaited and much-expected reboot on May 1st, with special goodies like t-shirts and special-edition CDs being available to those who have been members of the club before.

If you want a more detailed summary of the goings-on straight from the band themselves, check out their article on their website here.


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