Last year, Pallbearer blew me and many others away with their sophomore release, Foundations of Burden. And rightfully so, if you ask me. It’s dedication to emotionally infused doom and excellent composition created a sprawling creation that was chock full of everything; riffs, excellent vocals and intense passages. Now, the band have released an equally excellent video for one of my favorite track, ‘Watcher In The Dark’. Head on over the jump to check it out!


The video is intricate, which is a brave decision; this scene has its history of catastrophic videos. However, this one is just right, in all its facets: the band footage is interesting and sparse, the “story” scenes are well shot and produced and even the trippy psychedelics are engaging. The track is obviously excellent and something about the video only adds to its smoothness. The only thing that’s left to ask is: when can we expect the third album?



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