Abiotic are just about to drop their new album Casuistry and, as the story goes, have released another track to get us mortals excited. ‘Molecular Rematerialization’ follows the tight as a politician’s wallet play through video for ‘The Absence Of Purity’. The latest track off Casuistry follows much of the same pattern as the first but still has plenty to get keyboard happy over. Check the track and some words after the jump.

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MetalSucks premiered the new jam from these Sunshine State tech dech whizzkids and if you have been following this band, now is about the time to get excited. While ‘The Absence Of Purity’ play through showed off plenty of skill and precise guitarwork, ‘Molecular Rematerialization’ is a much more complete song. This track blows its way through tech death requirements but adds a little bit more to each element. Leads fly in and out but never seem pasted into the song and the nuanced guitar work of Matos and Mendez hits new heights in their ability to craft memorable yet destructive metal. It’s making a regular appearance in this genre now but it is still great to actually hear the bass thundering alongside the guitars. While not solely responsible for this, there is a certain cowboy in need of employment that deserves a hat tip for making this a must have requirement for bands of this ilk.

Casuistry will be released on April 21st via Metal Blade, and can be pre-ordered here.



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