As we’ve stated before, our inboxes here at Heavy Blog are very often hit-or-miss. Many bands waffle on too long about this or that, others barely give us an inkling if their music is worth listening to, and still others give us nothing to listen to at all. I took a chance on an email nudge today and, boy, are my ears happier for doing so. Adimiron is definitely worth a listen.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3839990860 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]

The strange love child of Gojira and Tool with a super subtle nu-metal edge, (at least according to their latest music video in “Ayahuasca”) Adimiron are actually more of an amalgam of those prominent sounds with tinges of Nile, Sepultura, and bands much like our friends in A Sense of Gravity. The list of influences is clearly long, but they combine fluidly enough to keep the music interesting from beginning to end on the nine tracks of their late 2014 release, Timelapse.

Their 2011 release, K2, is equally exemplary in its choices of style, largely showing the Gojira and Tool roots in composition, but with a very prominent Machine Head sound. Adimiron are certainly a top choice for individuals who desire a diverse-yet-cohesive band.




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