Jeff Loomis is the best guitar player of all time – science has shown this. But he has a dirty secret. By using this secret method, you can also learn to play guitar like him in just a few hours. Click below to see how.

1. Buy a guitar


You can do this at many distinguished guitar retailers like Walmart or Best buy.

2. Buy a pick


This step is technically optional, but we all know the best guitar players use picks.

3. Hold the pick


This part is important. Once you buy the pick you need to actually hold it to play guitar.

4. Hit the string with the pick


This is how you make sound with a guitar.

5. Put your fingers between the metal lines on the neck of the guitar


These are called frets. Pictured on the right side of this image.

6. Mute the strings when not hitting them


This is called “muting”, as seen in the image above

7. Rigorously practice scales, songs, solos, techniques and everything else for several hours a day for at least 5-10 years


There you go, now you’re a guitar god. It’s pretty simple!



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