If you’ve been following us for a little while, you may have noticed how absolutely stoked quite a large number of us over at the blog have been for the release of the debut EP from progressive metalcore group Entheos. And now that the EP is here, it shouldn’t be any secret why we’ve been so excited — the combination of hearty chugs, great songwriting, and fantastic vocals should entice any metal fan.


One of the reasons that, even early on, this has been a very interesting group to pay attention to is the all-star lineup: drummer Navene Koperweis, vocalist Chaney Crabb, and bassist Evan Brewer are well known in the modern scene for being fantastic musicians. And in this video, Evan Brewer demonstrates just why he has the reputation he does. His bass work on the whole EP is stellar, and here , he gives us a chance to see what it looks like when played live. Spoiler: it looks great.



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