breaking benjamin dark before dawn

Talk about a throwback to my middle school days. Breaking Benjamin used to be one of my most-listened-to bands back in the day, and I still revisit a couple of their albums from time to time. You can’t honestly sit there and tell me Phobia was not a great record, because it really was. There were some killer songs on there. I also remember jamming ‘Dance With The Devil’ all the time, mostly because it was super fun to play on the drums, with its super slow and heavy main riffs and the super cool drum work by Chad Szeliga. Anyways, enough about that. Middle school sucked for me, so why even bother reminiscing? After a long four year hiatus to settle legal disputes with former band members, Breaking Benjamin is back, and with a new song and album to boot! Check the single after the jump!


The song is still pretty classic Breaking Benjamin, with some cool drum parts and heavy riffs. The bass is especially prevalent, which is something the band never really did before. Honestly, I’m kind of anxious to see how the rest of the album turns out. Hopefully it’s pretty good, because it would be a shame if we waited this long and got a super boring record in return (like will probably be the case with the to-be-released-in-2020 Metallica album will end up being). If you fancy a preorder, go here!

Their new record Dark Before Dawn drops June 23rd.



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