TesseracT Scala Odyssey

We reported a little bit ago about TesseracT‘s new live album/DVD (though surprisingly no blu-ray) featuring the return of Dan Tompkins, though details were scarce at the time. We can now report that Scala/Odyssey will be released in May, and the band have released a brief teaser trailer to get you appropriately pumped up.


Not a whole lot to see here really. Of course the brief clip they show looks and sounds stellar, but most of the video is spent showing off press quotes about how great TesseracT are, which we know already, GEEZ, and is followed by the band showing some love to fans. Basically, assuming everyone is already on board for this live album this should change nothing but get you slightly more excited.

Scala/Odyssey will be out May 18th in Europe and May 19th in North America. Contrary to what we originally thought, it will not be released by TesseracT’s new label K-Scope and instead will still be put out by Century Media. You can pre-order the package here.



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